Artificial Green Plants Wall Service in Delhi

Artificial green walls are gaining high popularity these days. As more varieties of Vertical panels become available it's hard to tell whether the Artificial Green wall is real or fake without close inspection. These Artificial green walls require no watering, trimming or maintenance. They can be easily installed without any need for light, soil and growing time and they quickly add some colour and nature to outdoor gardens and indoor gardens. 



What is an Artificial Green Wall?


Artificial green walls, besides providing an excellent appeal to the walls, have many benefits in various ways. They are decoratively appealing and their upkeep is minimal. The best thing about faux green wall panels is that you can put them anywhere. They are sometimes put in the gardens, walls, and roofs of homes, squares, restaurants, museums, bookstores, and many others. When the artificial walls are put up, the customer may delight in a decorative area. That offers solitude at a far lower price than the organic wall because it requires minimal maintenance.


The green wall panel is offered in a wide selection. You will find many different dimensions, colours, and forms so you'll have several alternatives to select the kind of synthetic wall which you enjoy the most and concur.


What are they made of?

The material of the Artificial green walls will depend on the type and quality of the product you purchase. Many Cheap fake plants are also available in the market and are made using a combination of plastic, silk and paper.


\Whereas our premium range of artificial green walls is made of high-quality and UV-tested synthetic materials, so they stay beautiful for years to come. Our faux green panels are officially group 1 fire certified, making them a safe and beautiful addition to your space.


Are there different types of green walls available?

Artificial vertical garden panels come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, patterns and quality. As they are sold in individual panels, you can mix and match designs of choice to make custom designs or hire an artificial green wall company like us to make custom designs for you.


Our basic range of panels starts with our highest seller Boxwood matt, then comes our lower quality green wall panels like Fern Wall, then comes to a range of colourful panels to make custom designs like Multi Color Wall Panels, and then comes our signature quality panels in bigger sizes like Shrub Paradise and Autumns Green Panel.


How much do an artificial green wall costs?

Artificial Green Walls can cost a few thousand rupees to a few lakhs, depending on the quality of the panels, where you buy them, and the size of the wall.


Our panels range from ₹300 for entry-level products, to ₹10000 for our top-of-the-line items. We have three different sizes available in panels - 40cm X 60cm, 50cm X 50cm, and 100cm X 100cm.


There are also many cheaper artificial plant options sold in the Indian market which can cost as low as ₹100- ₹150 a panel being the cheapest quality plastic. If you’re looking for a temporary feature, or don’t mind if your green wall looks noticeably fake and plastic these can be the right choice for you.


How do we maintain an artificial green wall?

If you opt for a good quality product, your artificial green wall should be easy to maintain. Our premium range of green wall panels is UV-tested, meaning they won’t fade in the sun very soon, and all they require for maintenance is the occasional dusting and a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dirt. We recommend not using any pressured water pipes to clean wall panels.


If you have any other questions regarding artificial vertical gardens, need any help with buying your artificial plants, or would just like to get in touch to talk about your next project, contact us today.